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Greenhouse #1

In greenhouse #1 we carry a sample of annuals, including a wide selection of hanging baskets, that you can find more of in greenhouse #5.

Mums that we have grown can be found here also in the fall.

This greenhouse is also used for our christmas shop in the winter.

Greenhouse #2

This large greenhouse has just perennials inside. Located just outside is a larger, we do mean LARGE, hosta area with 104 varieties presently.

Greenhouse #3

Inside consists of perennials, but outside you can find a large variety of fruit trees and berries.

This greenhouse is also used as a sand shed for the winter season of plowing and sanding.

Greenhouse #4

Our smallest greenhouse. Used in spring for overflow of inventory. In the summer it is our day lily area. As of Spring 2012 this greenhouse has plastic on it and is yet another annual house. 

 This was Greenhouse #4 this Summer (2012). Since then, we have taken this greenhouse down and will relocate it this fall. 

Greenhouse #5

Annuals and more annuals, our production area, walk right through the garage and BAM you're in the annual house.

Perennials started for next year!!

Sumer 2012

can you say tomatoes?!

tomatoes and squash. September 2012.

Holding Yard

This is mainly shrubs and trees, it is right across from our shop entrance. You will find lilacs, blueberries, maple, birch, crabapples, you name it, it's here!

New Land

 Our New land is a very large area where we keep most of our shrubs and store them here to stock the Holding Yard. It also has our compost pile and a potting bench.

The Shop

The building that is attached to Greenhouse #1 that once housed the famous reindeer.

Currently a nice place to purchase a swiss cheese boot jack, a bird house, VT locally made maple syrup, or a concrete bird bath. Again, the shop is transformed into Santas Workshop in the winter; wreaths, garland, kissing balls, and our new expansion this year for donuts, yes DONUTS!

Evergreen Area

Our Evergreen Areas hold many different varieties of evergreens and are located right next to and across from greenhouse #1.

Hosta Area

One hosta area is located across from greenhouse #2; the other across from greenhouse #1.

*See Greenhouse #2 pictures and Evergreen Area pictures for pictures of these Hosta Areas.

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